Monday, August 6, 2018



Sooooo. I know that I haven't been great at updating this blog in my first two years at Silver Hill. I have decided that I forgive myself for this already and hopefully you will too, mostly because I have spent so much of my time trying to acclimate to the Silver Hill community and just DO the work, and I feel that I have rooted myself well. 

Additionally, in these last two years, I have started writing more on my own (I love to write) and the way life works, one thing led to another and a magical new friendship was formed with the AMAZING Barbara Gruener from The Corner On Character....

From there, I was hired as a blogger by Free Spirit Publishing!!! This is tremendously exciting for me as I *love* this company and already own so many of their resources and books. 

So just to take you back and catch you all up...This was the first post that came out in June:

Click below to read the post:

THEN, I had another post that came out in July:

Click below to read the post:

YOU GUYS! This is so exciting....Not only am I being stretched in new ways to sit down and write thoughtfully about the things I know about or have experience dealing with, but I get to share it on a big platform. And now with gratitude I can circle it back to you all, my dear Silver Hill Family.


Kindness Rules, 
Ms. Symmes 


  1. I am so proud of you and I love watching you stretch and grow. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, wise insights and reflections with us!

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