Saturday, February 20, 2021

on seeing and being

snow on tree branches calls out

clinging yet without extending effort

bouncing with a weight defying measure

and in this simple act of being 

I am seeing my mind

unfettered and free, 

aware of the path and my ability

to return each time attachment

and longing pulls me into ego traps-

the paralysis stumps me 

the seeing mind trumps me

the being mind waits for me

suddenly the smallest of gusts

arrives and clears several branches 

and a silent and serene storm sways 

into morning's first light and as these 

tiny delights awaken me, I think 

"Oh my goodness I get to see this-

Everyone, LOOK!"

and the truth is we all get to see 

we can really see it so much that

these moments of insight tuck right

inside of us forever-

dwelling within, helping to soften

all that feels daunting and terrible

into a more balanced world 

one that invites us to witness

the wonder and the joy


please sit and look at the branches

and tell me something different

What's the point?

What's the point of a snowstorm

that dumps endlessly if you're not

going to walk in it at night

and marvel at the way it sparkles in the

street lights before wistfully 

joining the blanket hugging the ground 

which whispers

"we are magnificent" 

to absolutely no one 

and still, she is 

What's the point if you don't

wrestle on layers of snow gear 

contorting and shifting and 

sweating to prep with proper

measure just in case the 

sledding is so thrilling

and consuming you need to

be well equipped to just 

Let It Ride

Snow is for playing in, hard

What's the point of having

a life that you work so hard at

buffering out challenge or difficulty

if the real truth is that when 

Travesty strikes you actually 

finally feel like the truest version

of yourself 

Navigating loopholes while 

clarifying Values and Vision

What does it feel like to be 

without a toothache?

No one really knows

What they know is the pain

and they know the reality of

what pain teaches them and

what next best steps it tells

them to walk 

And that's the whole point.