Tuesday, August 7, 2018

More new stuff!

Hi again,

Two posts in two days, I told ya I am going to be better about this!

So there are a few OTHER new things I wanted to share...

The first thing I wanted to put out there, is that my third Free Spirit Publishing "Counselor's Corner" blog post is up. 

It was a fun one to write as I am very interested in how mindfulness can be utilized to enhance ALL of our lives. I try to weave it into much of what I do and hopefully these things will stick with your kiddos that I see in the halls here at Silver Hill. Mindfulness is really quite simple. Just be open to the moment and don't be afraid to notice things---inspiration will soon follow!

If you'd like to check out the Free Spirit post "Mindful Movement With Children" 

Click here: 

The OTHER thing that's exciting is that I was asked by the Corner On Character's Barbara Gruener to be the first guest on her brand new podcast! Prosign Design Co wanted to team up with Barbara (because who wouldn't??) to create a "Character Speaks" podcast to promote the work of folks trying to make a difference in the world. What an honor to be asked as the first guest! If you feel like checking it out click on the link below:

That's all for now...back to organizing my office space. Maybe I will post some photos of that in the upcoming days/weeks. It's fun to redecorate and organize :) 

Kindness Matters,
Ms. Symmes :) 

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