Wednesday, December 6, 2017

With Gratitude

Hi all,

We have been so busy up on the hill it's hard to believe fall is behind us...

As we prepared for Thanksgiving and the Season of Giving, one small way that Silver Hill got into this spirit was through engaging in this:

I randomly hung these pages up around the first floor of the building-in spots that all of the children could reach. And we left it "open ended"...we didn't make a big announcement or go around to all the classes. Kids are smart. We let it "speak for itself". 

And they DISAPPEARED! I heard of kids giving to staff, to each other and vice versa. We all just passed along our thankfulness, in this small easy way...And as easy as it was, it definitely made folks feel good to receive. AND to give. I heard that some kids were even playing a game at recess that they made up using them...


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