Monday, July 10, 2023

The Forgetting and Remembering

The forgetting and remembering 

Are braided so tightly

It leaves deep angsty grooves

In the mind and in the body

Tension that True Nature wishes to relax,

Over-efforting fails to smooth out

Mental creases 

Until the sitting occurs

And it is not immediate or pretty

Inner chatter broadcasts in the brain

Physical form attuned, shifted

Opening the eyes, then sighs

Making notations belies what is wise

Attachment, Aversion, Delusion-

Three poisons dripping all over everything

How to deny consumption?

With each breath, return to the path

The exhalation allows release

Dismissing imperfections like this 

The inhalation welcomes awareness

Including what is not amiss

Right here

Right now

Is only

This moment

Come back to practice

Over and over; and over again still-

Remember what has been forgotten

The braid hangs loose, at will