Monday, March 16, 2020

Shadow Wisdom

Shadow Wisdom
(Amanda C Symmes, LICSW)

We are all the hazy shadows
laying essence on the ground
The tree is not the trunk and limbs
That your eyes think they have found

Channeling the energy fields
our inner source and truth
The buzzing, ringing and connections
Are offerings of deeper proof

The consciousness of people
has surfaced and will swell
our collective bigger purpose
has arrived in time to tell

The messages that we take in
And that we choose to limit
Means we are finding new power
And the ability to stand within it

Perhaps this all sounds heady
or a little hard to grasp
So allow me to simplify
As we redesign the clasp

The world has continued spinning
Speed slowing, increasing light
So that we may seek our own answers
And regain our internal sight

Who am I and who are you?
And who are we together?
We are spirit and energy and truth and love
The space in between, the treasure

Deep breath in, longer breath out
the days will unfold slowly
Stay true to your path and your tribe
What is needed has now become holy

What's yours is mine and mine is yours
This energy that feels electric
Can charge us up and make us strong
We can plan an all new metric

Our systems may alter but will not fail
The time for change has come
Hold hands, laugh loud, create and move
Center back to where we are from

Existence is not in crisis
And crisis is not ever-lasting
How we respond to what meets us now
Is the shadow the present is casting

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