Monday, March 16, 2020

Pandemic and Possibility: Documented Through Haikus

Day #1 (3/16/2020)

Perhaps the schedule
To be kept right now is not
One followed before

Strange times and new plans
Open opportunity
Follow your own path

You are now in charge
Everything optional
Living demands truth

Put out your longing
The universe can hold it
Beauty will emerge

Day #2 (3/17/2020)

Reframing feels hard
Boxed in with rumors and dread
Sometimes sleep is best

Day #3 (3/18/2020)

Sitting here I watch
Sun setting over new world
More will be revealed

Day #4 (3/19/2020)

Issue for parents
Working hard from home daily
Cannot also teach

Day #5 (3/20/2020)

Social distancing
Means different things to each
Connections abound

Day #6 (3/20/2020)

Energized by truth
The unknowing feels sticky
Perhaps that's the point

Day #7 (3/21/2020)

I'm not expecting
To grow flowers in desert
I can just do this

Day #8 (3/22/2020)

If I cannot say
That I want to walk alone
More will be stated

Day #9 (3/23/2020)

Let us not forget
Beautiful landscapes exist
Inside dark spaces

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