Friday, January 22, 2021

I Seek

I seek to live inside the sun 

where mind, body, soul

can undulate as one

I seek to dance upon the moon

hearing the stars as they sprinkle

laughter with tune

I seek to hide inside a wave

to locate my inner current

riding my soul to save

I seek to scream atop the mountain

and take up space wide, like water

moving through a fountain

I seek to sketch myself inside a cloud

making notice of my body

learning how to feel proud

I seek to settle into a stream

notice piercing not as pain

but beauty of a waking dream

I seek to fly inside a wing

align with the hawk's mighty grace

carrying me to what I bring

I seek to collapse into dirt

marinating in the texture of life's cycle

aware of what cannot hurt

I seek to travel by ray of light

walking with eternal faith 

my place in time, day or night

I seek this for me

I see this for you

I seek this in the name of all that is true

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