Thursday, May 11, 2017

13 Reasons Why

Hey all!

Well, one thing is clear: this year HAS FLOWN BY! So much so, that my updates have not been as regular as I would have liked (and as they WILL be next year... 😃)

One thing is remains true: I LOVE SILVER HILL!

With that said, there is something that I wanted to address...

As many may know there is a new and popular Netflix series called "13 Reasons Why" based upon a Jay Asher novel. I personally read the book a few years ago and recently watched the 13 episode series as well. The fictional story is based around a young teen's suicide and contains other sensitive material as well. The series is very graphic and has created a lot of dialogue.

I realize Silver Hill is filled with younger aged children, but I am aware that there are students from our school who have seen this series (or parts of it). Also, it is often true that popular trends tend to trickle down and with this series being watched by so many high school and middle school students, I believe that there may be curiosity with our children. Try and be aware of what your kids are seeing and talk to them if you think they may have viewed this.

So, please, take some time to review the following link:

"13 Reasons Why" Talking Points

Read up on the subject and then please contact me at school if you or your child has any follow up questions or related concerns that I can help with (or if you prefer my email is:

Be well and stay tuned for more regular updates...Spring has sprung!

Kind Regards,

Amanda Symmes, LICSW
School Adjustment Counselor

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